Where's the basketball?

A spin-off of the classic game "Guess Who". There are 16 different rooms. The students have to figure out which room their partner chose by asking "where is/are" questions.

Materials: 1) size A3 handouts, 2) either a computer/screen to enlarge the handout, or an enlarged and printed out copy of the handout to use for demonstration

Before playing, demonstrate with the JTE and then have the students repeat the questions and answers on the sheet after you.

  1. Students make pairs.
  2. They choose one of the 16 rooms.
  3. They play rock-scissors-paper. The winner can ask first.
  4. They take turns asking questions about the objects in the room. "Where is the basketball?" "It's [under] [the chair]".
  5. Once one of them thinks they know which room their partner chose, they can ask, "Is it room [1]?"
  6. If their pair answers, "Yes, it is", then they get a point.
  7. Set a timer and let them play as many times as they can in that allotted time, or tell them the first pair to get 5 points is the winner.

Note: you may have to teach them the word "floor", but they probably know the rest of the words.


2020 s 1 p52 where on in under by.pdf

2020 s 1 p52 where on in under by.pptx

Total 0

Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

September 14, 2020


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