"What do you like?" Relay

A quick activity that requires no preparation. Get the students into groups and have them ask each other what they like, then race to draw it on the board.

I made this game with during Unit 5 of Let's Try 1, but it can also be used for any unit after teaching "What OO do you like?" in order to review that unit's vocabulary.

First, break the students into groups. I usually use the tate rows, as you want the students to circulate as they do this activity.

Second, have the first student ask the next student "What OO do you like?". After the student answers, the one that asks goes to the board and draws the answer there.

Finally, after the student is done drawing, they go to the back of the group and the student who was asked, will now ask the next student what they like. This continues down the line until the first group finishes.

If you want to pace the groups, have the first round of students ask, and then wait by the chalkboard. Once the students are ready, give them a really short time to draw, maybe 5-10 seconds. This keeps the tension high and the game feeling fast, but also keeps all the students at a similar pace.

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Estimated time: 5-20 minutes. Or as long as you decide to milk it.

Submitted by: WrathfulGinger

October 07, 2020


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