''Give me advice''

Students use indirect questions to ask for advice Columbus 3 Pg 73. I want to know what we can do

Pg 73. I want to know what we can do

First demo the TL with the help of the JTE. For example say ‘’MR/Ms JTE I want to know where I can find (use something that interests them).
The JTE should then provide an appropriate response. You should each take turns doing this.

Now for the lesson: there are two documents the first one is a speaking activity (PG 73 Give me advice) and the second is a worksheet (PG 73 worksheet). The students will use the communication rotation (same as speed dating) method with this activity. They will all take turns reading the indirect questions to each other. As well as give one appropriate advice to their partner from the available options. They ought to have communicated with a total of 9 nine students once this activity is complete .You can then introduce the worksheet. They will provide a short answer for each indirect question.

I linked my lesson plan as well. i drew a diagram for the 'communication rotation' method

NB: All activities can be modified to your liking. This is merely an idea of how you can approach the lesson. Feel free to edit this activity to suit your needs :)


PG 73 Give me advice .docx

PG 73 lesson plan .docx

PG 73 worksheet .docx

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