A game/activity to practice "Does" questions and answers.
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  • Each student needs one copy of the worksheet
  • A pencil (they need to erase, so pencil, not pen)

How to Play

1) Split the class into groups of three or four. Groups of three is better than groups of five in the case for large classes.
2) Give each student the worksheet and practice asking the questions for the actions in the first column ("Does she play tennis?" etc.)
3) Choose one group. That group chooses who the thief is (without telling any of the other groups).
4) Once all the group members and you know who the thief is, have them stand up and go to the four corners of the room.
5) Now, the other groups will send one member to ask a "Does she~" question about the thief. The student standing in the corner has to answer with "Yes/No she does/doesn't."
6) The student asking the question goes back to their group and tells them the answer. Then, they send a different person to ask the next question.
7) Once a group thinks they know the answer have them raise their hand. You or the JTE will go to them and check that they found the right person. If they're correct, give their group a point. If they're wrong, take away a point.
8) Once all the groups have found the thief, have the standing students sit down. Then, a different group can choose who is the thief.
9) The game ends when all teams have chosen a thief once.

Other Notes

  • There are two different worksheets for "Does she" and "Does he" questions. I recommend having two groups choose from the she side first, then once the students understand the game, have the third group choose from the he side. For any groups after that, they can choose if it's a girl or a boy. Make sure to tell them if it's a girl or a boy before the students start asking questions.
  • Instead of the students choosing the first thief, you and the JTE could choose the thief. The only problem is that with larger classes, it will be slow with only two people to ask questions instead of four.
  • For groups of three, have the JTE stand in the fourth corner. They will be a fourth question answerer for the group.
  • If a group tells you the wrong answer, they can still try again until they get the correct answer. But each wrong answer is still minus one point.
  • Instead of continuing until all groups found the thief, you can instead give them a time limit. I recommend 1-3 minutes depending on how used to the game they are.
  • The bottom of the worksheet is for if the students need to write the question out to read. They don't have to write the questions.



Total 0

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Submitted by: ThatOneALT

October 13, 2020


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