Daruma Quiz Game

A quiz game for half the lesson time that can be paired with a teacher interview.

UPDATE: added a present progressive version. You click on the question to see the answer and the answer or the picture to go to the next screen.

UPDATE TWO: added a Onepiece re-skin for the present progressive version. Exactly the same as the above with different pictures.

Put the students into groups after doing the demonstration and have them pick their order.

For the game. Click on the number button at the center of the screen to bring up the question. In this case the question is a question and answer but the question is missing words. The students must think about what is missing and then one member goes to a teacher and says the completed question. Then they go to the other teacher who is managing the game and ask for a Daruma. For example 'Red Daruma Please'. Their team then gets those points. Which you add to the board.

If you are like me and use a tablet in class you can instead have the students bring their answer to both teachers and they can touch the screen and add the points to the group themselves. They enjoy it and it moves along faster.

Then once everybody is back in their seats click on the question to see the answer, practice it or check the meaning then click on the answer for the next screen arrow to appear.

If I'm trying to do this in half the lesson time so I have time for the interview I stop after 8 questions and then click on next to move to the interview demonstration. The interview demonstration is for Taylor Swift but if you can edit it I'd suggest using a friend or family member. I simply click through the example getting the students to guess at the missing words. I also introduce the idea of a chain of linked questions. Instruct the students that they should make one question, come and ask it then go back to their group to make another.

After the interview demonstration go to the profile page and show the example profile. Finally show the pictures of the two people they'll be asking about. Tell them to pick one, ask six questions, write a profile and if there is still time pick the other. Again you should replace these pictures with somebody you know and somebody the Japanese teacher knows.

It is unlikely they'll be able to do more than one set of interviews and if time is tight I'd get them to do the profile another time.

NOTE: one question uses which. You'll have to change that if they haven't finished New Crown 1 lesson 6 yet.


DARUMA Quiz and Teacher INTERVIEW 'plural verbs'.docx

DARUMA Quiz and Teacher INTERVIEW 'plural verbs'.pptx

1年生 DARUMA Quiz (Present Progressive).pptx

1年生 ONEPIECE Point Review Game (Present Progressive).pptx

Daruma Quiz New Crown 3 Lesson 7 Review.pptx

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Estimated time: Quiz for a bit over half the lesson and the rest for interview and writing profiles

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 18, 2020


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