My Dream Burger Set

Students draw and write using prepositions to describe their dream burger set.

Students should be familiar with prepositions (on, in, under, by, etc.) before using this activity. Consider this a review, a challenge, and a competition.

Explain a simple or topical example of a burger set from a popular restaurant. For example, in September introduce the 'moon-viewing' burger set from McDonalds. Explain that "the scrambled eggs are on the bun," "the beef patty is under the cheese," "the mochi/anzu pie is by the burger," etc.

Next, tell the students they will create their own dream burger set! They can think of ingredients and draw their set; however, they should also write five sentences to explain their creation. Then, give out the printout (a docx file is attached). You may even bring some Japanese to English dictionaries to class.

Around fifteen minutes should be used to allow students to draw, write, ask questions, and have their grammar and spelling checked. Patrol the room while the students are working and keep an eye out for any hands up. This part is difficult but has great creative opportunities.

Finally, when students are finishing (or you're running out of time) ask them to hand in their creations. You will judge them over the next week and select winners. Three categories are recommended: "Best English," "Best Drawing," and "Wooden Spoon" for really weird and outlandish submissions.


My Dream Burger Set.docx


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Estimated time: 25-35 minutes in class; return students' work one week later

Submitted by: Keith Miyazaki

November 25, 2020


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