Calvin and Hobbes writing

Have your students practice simple present, present progressive, past tense, or past progressive using Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

Introduce the activity using the example comic. Write 3-4 sentences on the board using your target grammar. For instance, for present progressive:

Calvin is making a castle.
He is holding a rock.
He is destroying (breaking) the castle.

Or for past:

Calvin made a castle.
He held a rock.
He destroyed (broke) the castle.

Pass out the comic sheets to the students. Have them write 3-4 sentences per comic.

You can make this an individual, pair, or group activity.

You can allow one of the groups to "win" by giving points for the most interesting sentences written or the most comics completed.


calvin and hobbes example.docx

calvin and hobbes.docx

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Estimated time: 30-50 minutes

Submitted by: holive

November 27, 2020

UonumaRobert December 11, 2020

Yeah, I was also unable to open it. I think the format might be too old for the computers at school now.

englishman December 11, 2020

Good afternoon. Would like to look at this but after the download, Word2016 wont open it. Says the file is corrupt. Regards.

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