NC Let's Talk 4 - HOW MUCH IS IT? UK Edition

Money Money Money ~ Must be funny ~ In a rich man's world!

A fun presentation about groceries and attractions in the UK.

Students guess how much is it.
Students can work in pairs or in groups. They will guess using Japanese Yen.
First introduce what currency is used in the UK, and give them the exchange rate (as time progresses, the rate might change! please be careful) and do the example.
Students will have fun in this activity! They will learn more about some of the UK's attractions also.

Can also be used for warming up for other grades.



NC1 Lets talk 4 - how much is it.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 20 ~ 30 minutes

Submitted by: nachonaz

December 02, 2020

UonumaRobert December 02, 2020

Very colourful and fun looking quiz game. One thing I might do with this slideshow to make the transitions from slide to slide look smoother is select all the slides, then go to the 画面切り替え menu at the top and select フュード. There are a lot of other transitions but fade is a nice simple one that gives slideshows smooth looking transitions.

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