Pictures with Santa

A logic puzzle based on the "Day at the Zoo" activity, useful for practicing contact clauses.

I made this activity after a JTE asked me to plan a lesson JUST on contact clauses (relative clauses without relative pronouns like "who" and "that"). This worksheet is perfect for those just starting unit 6 of New Horizon 3 since it only uses contact clauses and most activities I've seen require the students to have already learned relative pronouns. I used the "Day at the Zoo" activity as a template and made it simpler for students. The clues and answers are mostly the same. I changed the scenario to make it Christmas themed (the students are lining up to take pictures with Santa) and used my own characters and animals. This activity could probably be changed and used with other holidays depending on when you need to do a lesson on relative clauses.

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  • JHS_Textbook_Game_PicturesWithSanta.docx (4.18 MB)
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    Submitted by hoshinopareedo December 7, 2020 Estimated time: 30+ minutes
    1. ohnoko December 10, 2021

      Just did this activity, and really enjoyed it! Definitely a challenge for the kids :)

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