Christmas Jeopardy

Christmas Jeopardy, hooray!

Submitted by holive

December 11, 2020

Inspired by: Halloween Jeopardy

Estimated time: 50 minutes

This is Christmas Jeopardy. It's played like other Jeopardy games.

It uses the template provided by the Halloween Jeopardy game:

I like to have every group answer with white boards, so that way no group gets bored waiting for another group to answer. I also simply rotate which group gets to choose the next question, but you can play it so that the fastest team to answer correctly gets to choose the next question.

There are 1nen, 2nen, and 3nen JHS versions.

The only questions that may not be straightforward to understand are the "Translation" questions--there, they simply need to translate the sentence into Japanese.

Also, I'm sorry it's a bit American-centric. You should be able to change some of the questions to be about your home country, however.

Make the students answer with complete sentences on their white boards, so they're practicing the grammar. It's your discretion whether the actual "answer" can use romaji/Japanese or it should be whether English-only.

For instance, "Questions 1, $100," I enforce the correct spelling of "red and green" rigidly, but for "Questions 1, $300," I give full points for any romaji spelling of "elves," and for "Questions 1, $600," I give half points for the Japanese answer, "sekitan."

I also give hints (like writing the first letters or part of the spelling on the board) if I feel like they're struggling.

One last thing--originally I had some New Horizons questions as one of the categories for 1nen and 2nen, but I revised the files to include Christmas questions only in case some people don't use New Horizons, but I've gone ahead and uploaded both versions.

  • ohnoko December 15, 2020

    Used the 2nen revised version today. We had so much fun! Thank you for sharing!

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