What is exciting for you? Gerunds worksheet

Students write how they feel about activities, and then ask their friends how they feel about the activities. Last, they write about the other students.

First, pass out a worksheet to each student.

Have the students write how they feel about each of the actitivies shown in the boxes. They can use the adjectives provided in the box.

Next, divide the class into pairs and have them take turns asking the questions, "What is exciting for you?", "What is scary for you?", etc. Students write their partners' names, and write what is exciting, scary, etc. for them into the boxes provided. Have them ask for all six adjectives.

Have the students make a new partner and repeat three more times.

Finally, have the students write sentences about their friends. "Running a race is scary for Aoi."


Ninensei gerund worksheet.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: 25-50 minutes

Submitted by: holive

December 18, 2020


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