Santa Claus is Coming to Town with BTS

Sing-a-long warm-up activity with this classic Christmas song.

Submitted by apple

December 23, 2020

Estimated time: 15

This is a simple warm-up acitivity that I pair with another Christmas activitiy.

This song may be easy for older students but, regardless, my older students enjoyed watching BTS preform.
I start off this activity by asking the students to name as many Christmas songs they know.
Afterwards, we watch the video, practice a few times, then sing all togther. I had a mini-compeition between the grade's classes. That seemed to motivate them to sing!

I included a lyric sheet. For younger students I asked a teacher to write the furigana reading by hand and made copies. I dont have a digital copy of that but I'm sure your JTE would be willing to help out.

Towards the end of the video, BTS says "happy holidays". If I have time, I do a tiny simple culture lesson the meaning of "happy holidays" and the various holidays celebrated during December.

Happy singing!

BTS cover of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. VIDEO (


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