ONE PIECE Passive Voice Memory Game

A presentation to introduce it then a card game for practicing.

This is the cencentration game for passive voice. It focuses on practicing 'is' and 'are' as well as 'by' and 'in'

The presentation introduces the sentence structure. The first part can be used as a simple introduction asking the students to guess the missing words. Alternately you can do it as a quiz game with students raising their hands to answer the fastest. It would also work as a Race and Speak activity with a student from each group rushing to a teacher to speak the complete sentence. In that case either use random point cards (I keep a deck of cards handy) or reward for speed.

Note when doing these examples you can also introduce the word 'at' and explain 'at' can also be used for places and time but today we are focusing on 'in'.

After the sentence practice comes a demonstration of the Concentration Game. Tell the students they'll spread the cards on their desks with the verb side up. ALT and teacher will demonstrate how to play on the screen. Pick a card and say the sentence, for example 'Baths are taken in the night' and click that card. It will reveal a card. Then say another sentence such as 'Meat is eaten by tigers' and click that card too revealing another character. If the two characters match you can click on the shadow at the bottom to make them vanish. If not click on the two card cards to flip them back over again and continue.

After the game is understood practice the vocabulary. Note this is a mix of vocabulary from New Crown 2 and New Crown 3 (2016). Then have the students make groups, give them the cards and let them play for 10 to 15 minutes.

Afterwards see who the winnners are, collect the cards and go onto the writing practice.

A note about the cards. When you are print out the cards remember to attach the characters randomly to the back of the verb cards. You might want to laminate them and maybe put a dark bit of paper between them. Lots of work but kids do enjoy these games.

Also you'll note each card has a number on it. This is to keep track of sets. After I print out set One I press 'CTRL H' and then you can change all the ones to twos and then print it again with the twos. I do this for each set. This way I can keep my sets organized more easily.


ONE PIECE Passive Memory Game Writing Sheet.docx

ONE PIECE Passive Memory Game.docx

ONE PIECE Passive Memory Game Presentation.pptx

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Estimated time: depends on how you do it. Could take a full lesson with all the steps.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 06, 2021

APG1205 February 05, 2021

Thank you for making this simple and fun activity available to us. I used it at my school and the students loved it.

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