Battle for Japan - The Warring States

Anoldalt's version of this evergreen activity.

Submitted by anoldalt

March 7, 2021

Inspired by: Battle for Japan

Estimated time: About one full class

This is Anoldalt's version of this evergreen activity. He was having some trouble uploading it, so I'm going to try uploading it and then switch the activity to his account so he can edit it.

Click on castles to select the questions. Don't get too distracted by the falling cherry blossoms - your enemy lurks near!

  • UonumaRobert March 7, 2021

    Looks great. I noticed you went with six teams. Does that mean you usually use it as a row based team game?

  • UonumaRobert March 7, 2021

    I like the idea of question castles so you can pick which questions to ask. If you are ever modifying it you could put the castles on the battle screen where the big samurai is. So you don’t have to change screens so much.

  • anoldalt March 8, 2021

    Thank you Jake. The map no longer blanks when you move way from it. I play it in pairs, but multiple pairs belong to a color faction.

    I think eventually, we'll do groups again. I added answer sheet and ninja cards.

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