(Someone) told me that ... Row Game

Practice SVOO phrases - New Horizon 3 (2021) p. 14

This activity is designed for oral practice of the subject + verb + object + object (that) grammar point described on p. 14 of New Horizon 3 (2021). "(Someone) told me that ______."

The activity is like the old 'telephone' game where one person tells the next, and so on.

No materials needed.

Each row is considered a 'team'. The first person in each row will be told a sentence by either the ALT or JTE and instructed to wait until all teams have the sentence before passing it on.

Students will speak the message to the person behind them until finally the last person comes to the teacher to tell what they heard. If they are correct, their team gets a point. The first two teams with correct answers get two points.

Then, the first person in each row goes to the back and all other students move up, making a new student the first in the row.


The target sentence is "English is fun." The first student in each row is told this sentence. They must tell the next student the sentence using the grammar point. Eg. "Mr. (ALT) told me that English is fun."

The next student will pass on this message, only changing the name of the person they heard it from. Eg. "Asami told me that English is fun."

The final student comes to the ALT or JTE and provides what they heard. Eg. "Haruki told me that English is fun." If correct - good job, points. If incorrect - sorry, try again.

Some example sentences:

"Monkeys love bananas."
"Ramen is yummy."
"Athletes are amazing."
"It will be rainy tomorrow."

You can adjust the difficulty of the sentences as you see fit.

It's a fun activity that allows for listening and speaking practice of the target grammar structure. Instructions can be potentially confusing so ensure you provide a solid model before attempting.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the activity, please leave a comment. Good luck, and have fun!

Submitted by barronator May 18, 2021 Estimated time: 15 - 20 mins
  1. francheese11 May 31, 2023

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful activity. I tried it with my students and they loved it. I added a part where the last person needed to write the message. I think it helped them practice not just listening but also writing especially with spelling.

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