Fortune Cards

Cards for the "You Will Get Your Fortune" englopedia archive activity. (The colours don't match to what is written in that worksheet.)

Use the cards in a manner you see fit.
You can give separate decks out to each group (of max 6 people). The students each pick a card from each section and write their answers down using "will" or "am going to" grammar points.
Another option is to have students come up one by one and you or the JTE tells them their future. (I have the students doing a writing activity or something else while they wait.) This means you wont have to print and cut out as many decks.
Feel free to edit and change the contents of the cards.
I would accompany this with a worksheet for them to fill out and then interview their classmates with. I used the "You will get your fortune" worksheet but the colours on the cards are different than what's in the worksheet.

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    Submitted by addyp May 28, 2021 Estimated time: 15-25 min
    1. Celestar129 May 12, 2023

      I really liked your activity, so I used it and added some things to it. I hope it's okay if I post the extra stuff I made to go with it here on altopedia! I gave you credit for the activity in my description. Please let me know!

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