Battle for England!

Conquer England and claim the throne!

Submitted by jiggswalsh

July 13, 2021

Inspired by: Battle for Japan

Estimated time: 20-40

Battle for England! Recommended for Brits!

This is my version of the Battle for Japan activity. It made sense to me to have an English version for my classes.

-Teams of 3-4. If there are 8 teams, I use the 4 team one (2 teams in class for each colour team). If there are 9 teams in class, I use the 3 team one (3 teams in class for each colour), though you can edit the 4 team one and change which teams you include if you like (SORRY PEOPLE FROM WALES! Its not personal... honest. Mae'n ddrwg gennyf!). But you can adjust for smaller classes if you like.
-I have laminated colour cards that I can hand out to each team to help keep track of which team is which colour. I ask the students to bring the card when they come to choose a county to take, to help me identify their team quicker.
-I have used this as a review activity or to practice specific grammar points. I did it as a written activity where I show a partial sentence, sentence scramble or Japanese sentence to translate. When they have written their answers, ALT and JTE checks them and we send one student to choose a county. Make sure to explain that they must take the county that their arrow is pointing to first, then after a county touching that one (so the Vikings can
t go for 2 on the second question for example. They have to choose 21 on the first question, then 12, 19, 20 or 22 on the next question). Then after check the answer as a class.
-Teams can steal neighbouring counties if they like (in my classes many teams preferred to do this rather than taking a free one!) by rolling a 4, 5 or 6 on a dice. You can change it to janken if you like, but I have a big spongey dice (die) so I use that.
-When you get to the end of the activity click the winning warrior to get to a victory screen.

To add questions, I just copy and paste the question and answer box and stack them. As an aside, I would decide my questions and answers beforehand and then add them as it can be trickier to edit questions later (but if you use the search feature in PowerPoint you can find the box, without unstacking all the questions).

Don`t pick apart the historical accuracy of this activity. I just wanted to show the kids a little of British history, rather than the Japanese version.

  • UonumaRobert July 13, 2021

    Cool, Nice to get a new battle map to play with.

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