Restaurant etiquette in the UK

A cultural quiz for JHS students.

Submitted by TheGeordieGaijin

July 20, 2021

Estimated time: 40 minutes

I've been given more freedom lately to do more cultural lessons instead of dutifully sticking to the textbook!
This was a fun quiz we did at the end of this term with my JHS 3rd graders about restaurant etiquette in the UK.

Of course these "rules" aren't the same for all eateries and some places are very casual (I miss you, Nando's) but generally this is 'proper' dining etiquette by the book.
It can be easily changed to reflect any differences in your home country!

After each slide we gave the students a short time to have a chat with their partner and answer A, B, C or D depending on the question. At the end I revealed the answers. (The best score was 17 out of 21!)

(I'll admit I'm not the best at creating my own worksheets, so I used this one by nachonaz as a template:


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