The Legend of Zelda

12-15 Question Quiz with lives

Submitted by jiggswalsh

August 30, 2021

Estimated time: 10-30 minutes

The Legend of Zelda - a socially distanced quiz.

I made this as I didn`t have many socially distanced activities. This is a 12-15 question quiz with lives. I have used it at junior high school, but I imagine it would work well at elementary level too.

Give each student an answer sheet and explain they need to fill out the answer and check themselves then cross out a life if they were wrong. You can choose to start with 3 or 5 lives as well as 12 or 15 questions. It is important to balance the difficulty well as you don`t want too many students to run out of lives.

If a student runs out of lives you could have them do a forfeit, answer a question or something like that to get a life back. Click on Link for a link to the last slide (a link from Link, a Link to the last slide, so many ways that could have been written....)

I hope you enjoy!


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