Safety Sign Karuta

A Karuta game that avoids Covid restrictions by going digital

Submitted by Lucasmh

September 6, 2021

Estimated time: 10-20min

The objective of this game is to have the students recognized a given order and connect it to cards that they have at their desks

Had out worksheet with cards on them and have students cut them out. You can provide paper clips so that they can same them for future games or for studying

How to play:
- Choose a number card by clicking it on the screen and read what it says aloud. Students must lift up the correct card that corresponds to the given order

-The fastest student(s) get the points

-This game can be played individually, or as a team. If you want to change things or make your own, I have attached blanks for the yellow signs as well as the symbols for the cards. There are also large flash cards of the signs attached too

-Have fun, otherwise what's the point


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