Mighty Magikarp Review

Review material before exams while helping Magikarp crush his foes into dust!

Submitted by Lucasmh

November 8, 2021

Inspired by: Monster Hunter

Estimated time: 30-50min

This is my take on the Monster Hunter game posted by ThatOneALT. I just gave it few extra touches and changed the theme around my favorite pocket monster. The main difference is that instead of dice, I have given the option to activate a spinning wheel, so you don't need anything except questions to give to the students.

The detailed instructions are as followed:

  • Divide your class up into teams. Make as many questions for your students as you can. The more the better, given how scoring is random

  • Each level has a Pokémon, for Magikarp to fight. Ask a question and the first team to answer gets the point. Click the Pokémon to dish out damage totaling the team’s scored points. For scoring you can either
    A) Use a 6-sided die
    B) Use the provided wheel. Press the Pokeball on the top left to have it descend, press the wheel to make it spin, press it again to stop the wheel, and then press the Pokeball again if you want the wheel to go away.

-When the Pokémon goes down, students get bonus points added to their score if they end up striking the final blow. You can also give bonus points to the team that did the most damage. I recommend 5pts bonus for kill and damage dealt.

-The key to using this game is flexibility. Adjust points as needed and be prepared for it to be longer or shorter than you think. The scoring is random so it can go either way

-After the final boss is defeated, once the laughter stops go to the next slide to finish the game (you will understand once you run it)

Enjoy being the very best!!!!


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