Tinder Trouble in Tokyo

JHS first graders practice pronouns to help Anime characters find love.

Print out and laminate the profile cards, and have a PC ready to show them the tutorial.

First, practice the vocabulary go through the vocabulary when referring to pronouns - he, she, him and her. Any introductory material that your JTE has at the beginning of the lesson will be useful here.

Then, show them the tutorial powerpoint about how the game works.

The students each receive 1-2 cards, and must study their likes and super likes and walk around the classroom looking for a match. As they find another student, they must ask:

"Who do you have?"
"I have Mikasa!"
"Oh! I have Eren!"
"Does she like him?"
"Yes she does!"
"Does he like her?"
"Yes he does!"
"It's a match!"

Then, they match cards together, indicating a point or a win. They can rest or walk around and find out which other characters match! If they have more than one character, they can continue playing. If they have two characters that already match at the start of the game, they may not pair them together.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Tutorial.pptx (4.11 MB)
  • Profile cards.pdf (8.96 MB)
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    Submitted by Beestonian November 26, 2021 Estimated time: 25 minutes
    1. Jake W November 26, 2021

      Someone had a lot of fun making this!

    2. Lucasmh November 26, 2021

      Now this is style. Well done!

    3. kabochaski1990 December 2, 2021

      Did your students ask what Tinder was?

    4. fukutanisan January 16, 2023

      I like the idea but I wouldn't be introducing "Tinder" at this point, I especially wouldn't be showing ages to pair a "14" year old with anybody over 18, Japan already has enough problems regarding "that suject". :)

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