Hello Kitty! What do you want to be? GAME

A group powerpoint game for practicing job names for One World Smile Six.

you'll need a computer or tablet hooked up to the TV or projector. For this activity a teacher will be completely in charge of the screen so either TV or computer is fine.

You'll also need to print out two copies of the Kitty cards and cut them out. One set will need magnets. Alternately just one set of the cards for the groups and they can record their points on the back of the cards. I did that for my small class where each student was their own group.

Show the opening and explain and introduce the target language. We did a three choice quiz based on the teacher's dream jobs at the beginning.

Next tell the students they will be playing a point getting game. The goal is to practice job vocabulary. This is based completely on the job cards in One World Smiles Six.

Go to the demonstration screen. The HRT will pick a color Kitty and then you click on the upper part of the screen to show the first three occupations. There is a transparent image covering the top of the screen. Each time you click on it it reveals an occupation. When the three are on the screen say 'Which of these does Hello Kitty want to be' the teacher comes to you and says 'I want to be a...' Click on the teacher's color under that occupation. You can then demonstrate a few more colors. Say each team will send one member to pick an occupation.

Finally say its answer check. Everybody should ask 'What do you want to be?' and after that click the upper screen again. This will summon the answer card. The teams that were correct get one point.

This is what the color cards are for. One color card for each group and one for the blackboard. When a member of the group comes to you with their guess they should show you their color card that way you know which circle to press. Finally after the answer is revealed record the points beside their cat color on the board.

On the screen if you click the wrong circle just click on the cat and it will vanish so you can correct it.

To go to the next screen click on the hello kitty answer card. It has the hyperlink.

The main issue I personally have with this activity is it doesn't split the roles better HRT and ALT well. It is focused almost completely on the ALT since the students come to the ALT with their guesses and the ALT inputs their guesses. I actually think I hybrid Computer/Blackboard game might be better with the guesses being put in an ABC position on the board. Maybe next year.

This slide show has three activities.

First review the words with what's missing. You tell the students to close their eyes after the cards are revealed and then click on one. This will make it vanish. Students open their eyes and guess the missing card. Click on the black space to reveal it again. Play a few times.

Next is a three hint quiz. This will have language similar to what they will use when making their dream job presentations.

Next is secret cards. This is played in rounds with a partner. Show the first round cards. Tell the students to pick one of those cards but keep it a secret. Then do 'rock scissors paper' with their partner. The winner guesses first 'I want to be a ...' If it is the secret card say 'That's right' if it isn't say 'Sorry' and the loser now has a chance to guess. You could switch the language to 'You want to be a...' or 'Do you want to be a...?' if your teaching partner is okay with that. It would make more sense but its not the target expression in the book.

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  • 3. REVIEW 'whats missing, quiz and secret cards'.pptx (5.82 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert January 13, 2022 Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes depending on your class size.

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