Let`s plan a trip!

In this interview activity students ask each other "If you went to (country), what would you do?"

Students interview each other and fill out the chart.
There are 4 questions:
If you went to __ what would you eat?
If you went to __ who would you meet?
If you went to __ what would you see?
If you went to __ where would you visit?

For example:
A: "If you went to France, where would you visit?"
B: "I would visit the Eiffel tower."

The students choose which country to ask about themselves. If they are having a hard time coming up with countries I`ll write a few well-known ones on the board. I usually let them do different countries for each question category if they want, but doing the same country for all 4 works too.
You can do it like bingo where the first person or people to finish the chart win, or just have them interview as many students as possible in a certain number of minutes.

There`s also lines for writing practice at the bottom.
Ex: "If Sam went to Canada, he would eat maple syrup."

Note: I based this on a worksheet I found here which used a different grammar point, but unfortunately I can`t find it to credit the user.

Submitted by ZoeDeborah January 14, 2022 Estimated time: 15~20 minutes

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