Did You Play BINGO?

Classroom BINGO game to practice the question 'Did you _______?' and past tense verbs.

Be sure to fill in the center square with the ALT/JTEs name. It`s basically a FREE square.

Hand out the BINGO sheets. I recommend giving the students time to talk among themselves and check that they understand all of the bingo squares.

Students then find a partner and JANKEN to decide who goes first. Winner can ask the first question from the BINGO grid. Eg. 'Did you eat soba on New Years?'
If the partner answers 'Yes, I did!' the student can write the partners name in that square. If the partner answers 'No, I didn't.' they leave the square blank.

The second student then takes their turn. After that, both students find a new partner and continue playing. The goal is to get as many 5-in-a-row bingos as possible before time is up.

Students can then use the info from their bingo squares to write a few sentences using past tense.
Eg. 'Yuki walked to school today.'

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    Submitted by Chrial January 26, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20min

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