Phonics Worksheets and Presentations

This is a collection of phonics worksheets and a few presentations I've used over the last two years.
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This is a collection of work sheets I use. I adapted many of them from the material provided by the ministry of education over the last couple of years.

I'm sure everyone has their own approach to using phonics.

Generally I put a lot of focus on using classroom English when using these sheets.

'pencils down' 'look at me' 'listen and repeat' 'please write and repeat' 'stop, pencils down', etc...

After the initial writing and pronunciation practice I have a lot of missing letter activities. The students listen to the ALT and say the word and then try to either match the correct letter or write the correct letter.

I didn't make worksheets for the powerpoints you'll find in here. They are based on some of the worksheets that came with the new 'We can 1' elementary school textbook. Your school board should have provided ALT and JTEs access to those worksheets last year. If not you can make simple worksheets for those presentations.


1. CAPITALS 0. A-E.doc

2. CAPITALS 0. F-J.doc

3. CAPITALS 0. K-P.doc

4. CAPITALS 0. Q-U.doc

5. CAPITALS 0. V-Z.doc





10. Presentation 0. AaEeUu.pptx

11. Presentation 0. BbDdPpQq.pptx

12. Presentation 0. CcOoSs.pptx

13. Presentation 0. FfHhKkLl.pptx

14. Presentation 0. GgYyJj.pptx

15. Presentation 0. MmNnRrIiTt.pptx

16. Presentation 0. VvWwXxZz.pptx

17. Presentation 0.1 BbDdPpQq.pptx

18. Presentation 0.1 COMPLETE COLLECTION.pptx

19. UpperLower Matching ABCDE abcde.doc

20. UpperLower Matching FGHIJ fghij.doc

21. UpperLower Matching KLMNO klmno.doc

22. UpperLower Matching PQRST pqrst.doc

23. UpperLower Matching UVWXY uvwxyz.doc

24 VS Style 1 r vs. l.pdf

25. VS Style 2 m vs. n.pdf

26. VS Style 3 b vs. v.pdf

27. VS Style 4 d vs. t.pdf

28. VS Style 5 ch vs. th.pdf

29. VS Style 6 st vs. sk.pdf

30. VS Style 7 cl vs. cr.pdf

31. VS Style 8 fl vs. fr.pdf

32. Three Letter Words 1.docx

33. Three Letter Words 2.docx

34. Three Letter Words 3.docx

38. Canadian Phonics Quiz.docx

38. Canadian Phonics Quiz.pptx

Phillipa's Phonics Alphabet.pptx

A to Z Phonics Practice.pptx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 1.docx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 1.pptx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 2.docx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 2.pptx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 3.docx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown 3.pptx

1-00 ABC Phonics Showdown Complete Collection.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 5 to 10 minutes each

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 18, 2019

OdafromTaijima May 26, 2020

I like the battles, those are very fun!

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