Almost Pokemon Battle Game

This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.

I've included a basic template of the activity to be used to make your own games. I haven't gotten around to using it for junior high school yet. I'll post versions of it when I do.

The school memories one is for my 6th grade elementary school class. They've been asking for a game for awhile so I figured I'd do one now.

The aim of the game is to practice making school events with the activities enjoyed at them.

For example 'My best memory is the music festival. I enjoyed singing songs.'

Before making groups demonstrate the review the vocabulary and demonstrate the game.

The first page goes over the school events introduced in the 'We Can 2' textbook and then the second page introduces vocabulary for we can enjoy.

Next tell the students they will play a game called 'Pokemon Battle' and show the pokemon screen then go to the game demonstration screen.

Put up the example page on the board and click on the A button. The A button will show the sentences we want the students to write. For A use 'English class' for an example and ask them which they enjoyed. The answer should be 'speaking English'. Then click A again and reveal answer. Practice it and hit A again to clear the answer and question from the screen. Tell the students once they've shown and spoken their sentences they can pick a pokemon. For the example pick the 'fire pokemon' and tap on it. A laser will attack the big monster and miss. Tell them nice try but no points and then click on the B button to see the sentence structure again. This time repeat the example for 'lunch break' and 'playing dodgeball' This time click on the 'plant pokemon' and it will hit the monster and say that team will get '1 point' and say we then it the forward arrow to move to the next screen.

At this point make groups and handout the worksheets and the vocabulary sheets. Every student gets a worksheet and every group gets a vocabulary sheet. Tell them to pick one event and one suitable action, write them on the worksheet and one student from their group brings their answer along with the vocabulary sheet. If it is okay, cross out that action so they cannot use it again and then let them pick a pokemon. They then go back to their group, pick another event and write more sentences about them. A new student should bring their next answer. Whenever the big pokemon is hit then use the arrow key to reset the scene and continue.

At the end of the class the team with the most points is the winner.

The other keys are 'home' to go back to the start, 'fast foward' to go the end, and a couple of pokemon music keys for no reason whatsoever.


Almost Pokemon Battle (template).pptx

Almost Pokemon Battle School Memories Game.pptx

Almost Pokemon Battle School Memories Worksheet.pdf

Pokemon School Memories Examples.docx

2年生 Pokemon Battle New Crown 2 Calender of the Earth.docx

2年生 Pokemon Battle New Crown 2 Calender of the Earth.pptx

2年生 Pokemon Battle Review END OF YEAR.docx

2年生 Pokemon Battle Review END OF YEAR.pptx

3年生 Pokemon Battle Writing Review END OF YEAR.docx

3年生 Pokemon Battle Writing Review END OF YEAR.pptx

POKEMON BATTLE (New Template).pptx

1年生Pokemon Battle Irregular Verbs Past.docx

1年生Pokemon Battle Irregular Verbs Past.pptx

Total 5

Estimated time: We do about 15 minutes of classroom routines so we'll use this for 20 to 25 minutes

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 22, 2019

OdafromTaijima February 06, 2020

Nice job!

JoeyJoJo March 01, 2019

I like that you can pretty much use this as a companion to any game or worksheet. Nicely done

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