Elementary/JHS Dobble

A printable game of Dobble. It has colours, animals, school necessities, sports, fruit and food on.

This is a game of Dobble made using one of the generators I found on ALTopedia (linked on the left).

This is a basic game using nouns covered in elementary school. It could be a good bit of fun in JHS. I play the English version with my adult friends and we get a good kick out of it.

Each card has exactly one match with every other card. Divide the stacks into equal amounts and distribute to the players. There should be one card left to play in the middle. Turn over the centre card and have students find their match. Once the quickest person has found a match, they must shout their match and place their card on top (ie "CAT!"). Then, students must find a match with that card. Do this until a player runs out of cards and is determined the winner. Carry on playing for 2nd and 3rd place etc.

The problem with making them using this generator is that transparent images create a black background. If you are using the generator yourself, keep this in mind. Irasutoya images are all transparent so I had to search Google far and wide. You can reduce the number of pictures (for 一年生 when learning colours) with this generator. 8 is the maximum.

The deck I have made has 8 images per card.

Have fun and enjoy your deskwarming!

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  • Emma's New Dobble.pdf (8.31 MB)
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    Submitted by KobeALT April 18, 2022 Estimated time: 20-45 minutes
    Inspired by Make Your Own Dobble
    Inspired Dobble Rules PPT
    1. kabochaski1990 April 19, 2022

      How did you separate the images provided on the pdf you provided?

    2. KobeALT April 20, 2022

      They are separated into 8s. :)

    3. kabochaski1990 April 21, 2022

      ohhh you only have to match one image with the card? That makes sense. I thought the entire card had to match...

    4. kusobaba April 26, 2022

      Thanks for these, they are perfect for a JHS prediction game too. Print other side with a black background and laminate. In groups place cards face down in centre. Students flip one card and take turns to predict which noun the NEXT card will match: "I think it will be a ..." Students can place their eraser or something by their prediction to remember who predicted what. Then they flip the next card and the winner gets a point. Continue with predictions for what will match that just flipped.

    5. KobeALT April 27, 2022

      There are 57 unique images so predicting them would be a bit of a challenge! There are other games you can play with Dobble cards. Check them out!

    6. kusobaba April 27, 2022

      Ah but you only have to predict which noun on the current card will be the matching noun on the next card to flip. A one in eight chance.

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