When + 主語 + 動詞

Key Sentence: When I came home, my father was watching TV. One World 2, page 23

Submitted by ronjacob5258

May 20, 2022

Estimated time: 30-35 minutes

Intended for:

  • One World 2 page 22
  • Instructions:

    1. Make groups with 3-4 students.
    2. Give a deck of cards to each group (40 cards, 20 pairs).
    3. Students decide their sequence as to who go first, second, etc.
    4. Each students draw two consecutive cards from the deck and read each card.
    5. If they come as a pair (as seen in the sentence pattern), they get to keep the cards.
    6. Duration of the game depends on your plans. But I did this for 35-40 minutes with my classes. (15 minutes speaking-reading/20 minutes writing)
    7. If the two consecutive drawn cards can’t make sense or not good sentence, create a separate deck of cards facing down.
    8. If all the cards were drawn up, shuffle the unpaired deck of cards which you just created.
    9. Do the same routine and mechanics.
    10. Students count their collected pair of cards. A pair will mean a point.
    11. Distribute the writing sheet to students.
    12. Students fill out the sheet using their collected pair of cards. Then, give them another time to think and write the Japanese translations on the space provided for.
    13. If students didn’t collect enough to fill out their writing sheets, tell them to use the sentences on page 23 of their One World textbook ~ Tool Box.
    14. This is an activity for reading, speaking, and writing.
    1. chibaleon May 27, 2022

      This sounds fun! Is there a file supposed to be attached?

    2. ronjacob5258 September 16, 2022

      Sorry, I actually attached the files but apparently they didn't get through. I made sure they're available now. Please see the files.

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