Zombie Game

A no prep speaking activity in which students play janken, try to avoid becoming a zombie, and have a great time.

Submitted by nickteacher

July 13, 2022

Inspired: Zombie Challenge

Inspired: Are you a skunk?

Estimated time: 10 ~ 15 minutes

Choose a simple question and answer dialogue. E.g. Q What do you want to be? A I want to be a ~.
Review the dialogue and vocabulary: scientist, doctor, singer, etc. Choose one word from the vocabulary list (e.g. singer). This word is now the zombie word. (Later you will choose which students are zombies.) When a zombie is asked "What do you want to be?" the zombies can only answer with the zombie word: "I want to be a singer." To decide the zombies, have the kids put their heads down. Silently tap three or so kids on the shoulder. These students are now zombies. Instruct the students to play janken and the loser of janken asks the question "What do you want to be?" If a student meets a zombie, that student gets the zombie virus and becomes a zombie (and therefore can only answer with "I want to be a singer). In this way, the number of zombies increases and the humans get devorered.

When I explain this game I typically do it in two stages. Stage one is simply a janken game. Two students play janken: the loser asks the question; the winner answers. Then they go find another person to talk to. (I typically don't have them switch roles because I like to play with the option of being safe when you win in janken)

-Print out a picture of a cartoon zombie online or if you're good at drawing, draw a zombie next to the word you chose to be the zombie word.

  1. crisxselda July 14, 2022

    I like this a lot. I will use this after the summer break. Thank you.

  2. kirbystar July 20, 2022

    This is a great idea! Thanks a lot seems like a lot of fun :)

  3. lilyvsstar October 9, 2022

    The kids go nuts for this game. They really love it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. kirig19 October 28, 2022

    Thanks for sharing!! In both of the classes I've played it with so far, a kid has come up right at the end to zombie-fy me :)

  5. christopherb November 14, 2022

    This was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing.

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