Conan Clues - Participle Detective Worksheet

Students act as Conan and investigate a crime scene. With clues such as 'a ringing phone' and 'a locked door', the students will be practicing participles as they crack the case!

The worksheet contains two activities plus an extension activity on the back for students who enjoy creative writing. This activity expects students to already have some knowledge of using participles, as it is focused on practice rather than instruction.

Activity one: Find the clues
Students should look at the picture of the crime scene and find the ten clues (one provided as an example). They should circle the clue they found and write it in the 'clues' section. Explain to the students that they should be writing their verbs as participles. Eg. A broken pencil, running water, a laughing boy etc. You can write some examples on the board for additional support.

There will be variation in how the students write down the clues, and that's great! Eg. A dropped glove, a forgotten glove, a lost glove etc.
Go through the classes answers at the end and see if they got all ten clues, and show the different ways they can be described.
An answer sheet is also provided.

Activity two: Who dunnit?
Conan has identified three possible suspects, but they all have alibis (using participles of course!) However, one of the suspects is lying. The students should compare the picture of the suspects with their alibis to figure out who the liar is. Then, they should write down who is the real criminal and why.

Extension activity: Crime story
If your students enjoy creative writing, you can link the above two activities by asking them to write the story of what they think happened. They can use the crime scene, clues and criminal they found as inspiration. Please check the maturity level of your class before trying this - I teach high school students who are capable of discussing darker themes, but regardless you should check if your JTE is okay with this kind of content in advance.

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