My Summer Vacation Postcard

Students reflect on their summer vacation and create a postcard to "send" to the teacher about what they did.

Unit 4 is all about summer vacation! I'm planning on using this activity as a way to review and wrap up what we learned.

Students will get the first handout with directions, examples of sentence structures, and a writing practice space. They'll turn that in to be checked by the ALT/JTE. Students will then receive their handout back with the postcard handout for them to fill out and decorate. After they will present in their groups. One person from each group can present to the class (from their desk is fine) and if time allows more people can share as well.

The postcards are great for putting up on the wall/bulletin board to showcase student work too!

I'm including the google doc/drawing links for you to copy and edit however you like. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcomed :)

To make a copy please go to file -> make a copy after that you can edit the documents however you like!

Submitted by momijitsuki August 10, 2022 Estimated time: 〜1.5 hours (1 to 2 classes)
  1. OdafromTaijima August 22, 2022

    This looks very cool ! Thanks!

  2. jackcket August 23, 2022

    Thank you!

  3. KobeALT August 30, 2022

    Is there any way you can upload to here so people using school laptops can access it? Almost everything is blocked on my network.

  4. momijitsuki August 31, 2022

    Hi @KobeALT, sorry about that, since my school network uses gmail/google for everything I assumed other people would have easy access to it!

    Anyways, I've uploaded the worksheet and the postcards as PDFs. I just left the "sender" and "receiver" sections empty on the postcard PDF. Hope that helps!

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