What Do You Know?

Worksheet focusing on indirect questions. Created to review some of the grammar outlined on P59-61 of New Horizons 3.

My JTE asked me to create an activity that covered the key sentence on p59 of New Horizon 3: "Where is the local shelter? I know where the local shelter is?"

Initially I found it quite difficult to create an activity around something so specific. So, in order to cover both the question and answer parts of the sentence I created a worksheet with two different parts: Fix the question, and answer the question (in full sentences).

This worksheet was thrown together in a hurry, and may not be ideal - but, I figured someone else may find it useful.

Any feedback welcome - thanks.

The questions used were taken from the very useful "Questions for Quizzes" put together by UonumaRobert

Submitted by jonnysniper September 6, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
  1. AsakawaSune September 20, 2022

    Nice worksheet, thanks!

  2. keii84 September 29, 2022

    I like this, simple, straightforward, and full of interesting facts. Plus it gives the students a chance to use their Chromebooks to find the answers. I think I'll edit out the answers to the first half as well, and have them research those too.

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