Got It

Students aim to collect as many points as they can by asking questions to discover the object the teacher secretly chose.

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March 12, 2019

Estimated time: 30 min

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Originally submitted by Raegina Taylor on Sept 3, 2007.


  • The aim of this game is to accrue as many points as possible.
  • Students work in groups of 4-5. Students play Janken to decide the order of play.
  • A student from each team comes to the front of the classroom, where there are random objects or flashcards of the objects placed on the teacher’s desk.
  • These are the words the students should already know: book, picture, CD, pizza, coffee, cake, salad, hamburger, sandwich, juice, jacket, socks, T-shirt, necklace, sweater, radio, towel, DVD, cat, milk, bus, dog, ant, ball, car, flute, egg, desk, guitar, house, ink, jam, koala, lion, moon, notebook, question, train, window, box, yellow, zebra, video, umbrella, racket, soccer, orange, piano, etc.
  • The ALT/JTE secretly selects an object. The students start forming “Are you ~ ?” questions. When they have formed a question, they raise their hand and ask their question. Every question a student asks, correct or not, their team receives a point. If they ask the correct question about the secret object the teacher chose, their team can receives two points.
  • When the teacher responds with, “Yes, I am,” the students race to retrieve the object or flashcard. The first student to grab it and shout “GOT IT!” receives an additional two points.


  • Once the students understand the game, encourage them include various adjectives in their questions: “Are you a smelly shoe?” You can assign bonus points to those students who try, whether they are correct or not.


  • Some students can get very excited and violent in this game.
  • I always reward all groups for trying. If the group doesn’t try though, obviously they don’t get a reward. It’s a nice incentive for the groups to ganbatte and do their best!

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