Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Halloween Adventure!

A cute PowerPoint adventure featuring Pusheen the Cat.

This is the third installment of the Pusheen (PowerPoint) Adventures! I loved meglamb's "Pusheen's Adventure" activity but I needed something we could do together as a class instead of an individual activity. So, I converted it into a PowerPoint activity ("Help Pusheen Decide")! Then, because the students enjoyed it, I made a second story ("Have You Ever Helped Pusheen"). Now, we have "Pusheen Who Celebrates Halloween"!

To play, I read each slide out loud. Then, I had the students vote on the two choices. Click on the choices to navigate through the story. On the ending cards, there's a button to go back to the start. We play 2-3 times as a warm-up.

All three of my Pusheen stories have been for my JHS 3 class. This one is an attempt to focus on relative clauses and reduced relative clauses.

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    Submitted by NaganoSarah October 26, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
    1. kursed_kuromi September 29, 2023

      Is this on reduced relative clauses? I wanted to use this for class, but the grammar was very different to what students learn in the textbook

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