Present subjunctive battleship game

Battleship-themed game where students fill in If I ___, I would___ grids then ask a partner If you ____, would you ____?

Hand out the worksheet and explain the rules of battleship, it helps to demo it so that they understand they shouldn't allow their partner to see their sheet. Give them 3-5 minutes to fill out their own grid (the top-most one) then another 1-2 minutes to get them partnered off and set up a notebook/ textbook so they can't see each other's board.
Be sure to walk around during this game and correct errors so they don't skip over key connecting words like 'if' and 'would.'
The one I drafted lets them choose 9 true statements but you can limit it to 5 for a faster game.
Give stickers to the winners if the class is allowed them.
^This link only allows you to see the doc, if you want to modify it please make a duplicate

I got the idea for this game from NaganoSarah's One Piece Battleship games which cover loads of grammar points:

Submitted by crspence17 January 13, 2023 Estimated time: 20~30 min (more if they've never played a battleship game or the content is new)
Inspired by One Piece Battleship

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