Snoopy's Busy Week

Inspired by "Englipedia Archive" busy month


A shorter version of the "Snoopy's busy month" worksheet inspired by Englipedia Archive.

Go over the grammar with the students, and include any vocabulary that the students might not know.
Hand out the worksheets
Go over the correct answers if time allows.

Students tasks:

Match the picture to the sentence.
Change the verb in the bracket to the past tense to complete the sentence.

Tips: You can omit the extra information about the time or day if it is too difficult for students.
If you want to extend the activity have the students read out loud when checking answers together.

Submitted by Pezzdoctor January 24, 2023 Estimated time: 5 - 10 Mins
Inspired by Snoopy's Busy Month
  1. jintapatchi09 January 24, 2023

    very cute. I added a few more pictures and sentances such as played and went, as they are common verbs in our classroom. Thanks so much.

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