Minecraft NH2 Review

Use a minecraft map and interactive mini games to test ss knowledge of NH Units 2-5

Powerpoint made by Mr. BoverC on youtube.

I edited it so instead of clicking on the wrong questions and heading back to the scoreboard; you click on the box with the question to reveal the correct answer. In order to proceed from that screen(whether your ss are right or wrong), you'd have to press the correct answer to go to the next, where you can head back to the map by clicking the pig.

I also got rid of the scoreboard slide as it not only made my laptop lag terribly, but also because it took too much time to add points in my opinion. I just wrote the points or asked ss to keep track of their own points.

How I played:

*I had ss make 4-6 groups.

*Explained the point system(which I left on the map.).

*The first group (I typically start from left to right, but you can have them janken.), choose a letter/ number on the map.

*When the first question appears, I start the timer for 20 sec. for ALL of them to write their answers.
Note: I found with the 1st years, I didn't like that the other groups could not participate.

*If the first group that chose the letter gets it right they get full points from the mini-game, if not, they get nothing. The other groups that answered on the other hand, if they got it right - I gave them half points and if they didn't, no points.

*Now, if the first group gets it wrong and the other groups got it right, I'd still have the first group choose the chest in the mini-game but they just get no points.

*When it comes to the mini-games that subtract points, I subtract full points from the main group and half from the other groups that got the question right.

I don't know if my explanation makes sense, but I hope it was a bit helpful and you can always change the rules to however you see fit for your own class. Enjoy! :)

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Minecraft Map (2nd years).pptx (343 MB)
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    Submitted by hotokeki January 26, 2023 Estimated time: 20-40 mins
    1. UberEric February 7, 2023

      This worked wonders with my STEP classes. Amazing work!

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