Students compose a series of questions to try and guess who the thief of the chocolate cake the ALT made was.

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Originally submitted by Raegina Taylor on Nov 01, 2007.


  • Students make groups of 4-5.
  • Hand out the worksheets. Groups decide on an order within their groups of who comes to ALT or JTE to ask the questions.
  • As a class, practice questions one and two, and the ALT/JTE answers. After that, from student one, students must formulate their own questions and ask the teacher.
  • Game ends when all the groups have guessed the thief’s identity.


  • For high level students, they must remember the question PERFECTLY. For lower-level, they can bring the worksheet with them to help them out. You can also tweak this for your class, so that if one group in particular is wining, make it harder for them, so the other groups can catch up.
  • Students work in set pairs instead of in groups.


  • Get students to whisper their questions so that other groups cannot hear it, or the teacher’s response.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive March 27, 2019 Estimated time: 15-30 min
Inspired Thief
  1. ThatOneALT October 4, 2020

    With a little bit of work, this can be easily updated to make finding the thief more difficult. People can also change the names to characters from their textbook.

  2. cjc634 July 7, 2023

    I like how this gets around the problem of having to know the gender of the person you're trying to guess because the subject is "The Thief." It's also more compact on the page than other similar activities. I made my own version of this using heros, and added a few pictures. The students have to figure which hero saved the day.

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