Picture Flash - Celebrity Edition (5年 Unit 9)

Powerpoint of vanishing images of famous people in Japan. Students use the key phrases like "She is Osaka Naomi. She is an athlete." This activity is suggested by 5th grade's Here We Go unit 9, hour 3

Taken from 5th grade Here We Go unit 9, hour 3.

-Start class by reviewing the unit's vocabulary: athlete, actor, comedian, etc.
-Show the disappearing image of a celebrity the students (probably) know, and ask "Who is this?"
-Students answer "He is Ohtani Shohei" etc
-Reveal the answer, and ask students, "Is he a...teacher?" Elicit the correct response: "He is an athlete." Repeat this with the following celebrities until students catch on that they should include the profession in their answer.
-You can also review vocabulary of personality traits (cool, smart, active, etc) by asking students what they think of each celebrity.
-The unit only covers five professions: actor, athlete, comedian, singer, and teacher. All of these are included in the quiz, except for teacher. If you have the time, it's a good idea to ask to take a photo of a teacher at your school to include in the quiz (I personally recommend having them make a funny face! The kids love it.)
-I also included some outside these five professions just for fun, like the prime minister, Goku...and Shota. These are just for fun, it's not important for students to know how to say "prime minister."

Make it your own! Add or remove celebrities of your choosing. Maybe include celebrities from your home country!


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