Who are you? Monster Game

This is for the 3rd grade's LT1 Unit 9. My own version of Tay's Teaching Toolkit Spy Game.

The PowerPoint is the explanation of the game for students to easily understand the mechanics.
The pdf files are the mini cards of the animal, monster, and A4 size flash cards.

The game is intended to be played by the whole class. The number of cards depends on the number of your students. I made 10 animals and printed 4 copies for each animal (each group has 4 members). Make sure that the number of animals is divisible by 4, for example, you have 40 students, you can print 8 sets of animal cards (8X4=32) and 8 copies of monster cards (32+8=40). If you have 37 students, you can print 8 sets of animal cards and 5 monster cards or to make it more fun, make more monster cards. Like for example, if you have 37 students, print 7 sets of animal cards (7X4=28) and 9 monster cards.

My students loved it, and after the first game, they asked for more rounds. I hope your students will enjoy playing it too.

Small files
  • animals_mini.pdf (819 KB)
  • monster_mini.pdf (234 KB)
  • Who are you_FC.pdf (547 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Monster Game Instructions.pptx (8.38 MB)
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    Submitted by Hilda March 6, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. sbrshteacher March 6, 2023

      Hi! Great activity! I want to try it with my third graders next week. How many students were animals vs. monsters?

    2. charlotte March 6, 2023

      I love this! But I need to know... what song are the words on the back of the cards from haha!?

    3. sakotodan March 6, 2023

      How can the monster ever lose? Is there some system for teams who think someone is an imposter? Then what?

    4. Hilda March 6, 2023

      @sbrshteacher, the number of cards depends on the number of your students. I added the explanation at the of this game.
      @charlotte to be honest, I don't know if it's a song or what, haha! I got it from google, I have to print it at the back of the cards so that students will not see their classmates' cards.

    5. Hilda March 6, 2023

      @sakotodan the monster never loses lol! That's the fun part. There was a time when a team went to me and answered, "I am zebra" when I asked them "who are you?", then when they showed me their cards, they were all monsters. lol!

    6. nickteacher March 10, 2023

      This sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing!

    7. ezedebella March 10, 2023

      I like the idea. You can also make like a version for JHS where, if they find themselves with five members on the team, they debate and vote who they think the monster is and kick them out, so they can also use "I think that...". If they are wrong, the monster wins a point and also the person kicked out gets a point by himself. If that makes sense.

    8. sbrshteacher March 15, 2023

      I used this activity today and it went well! We did have an issue wherein, after a group of three students came to the teacher and were discovered to be two rabbits and one monster, the third rabbit was left at the end of the game feeling disappointed that they didn't find anyone. Do you have any ideas about circumventing this? Other than that, it was really fun!

    9. sbrshteacher March 15, 2023

      The kids were so excited about being monsters. I also made a chicken card (as chicken is their favorite animal to say in English) and they ate that right up. Thanks for the excellent idea. It made this unit soooo much more fun this year than it was last year. :)

    10. Hilda April 2, 2023

      @shrshteacher, we played it with 4 members in one group. If the team came to us with 3 rabbits and 1 monster, we give the monster 1 point then we let them play again. We told the rabbits to find the missing one rabbit and don’t tell anyone that the other student is a monster. It’s funny that the rabbits came to us with another monster. Lol!

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