6nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

Review typhoon game for many grammar points throughout Elementary School English lessons.

This game is inspired by from Englipedia Archive. You can find the directions for its use there.

I split the class into 3 to 5 person groups depending on the number of students, and give each group a funny team name and write it on the blackboard. I use the blackboard to keep track of points. Then, I explain the rules of the game using the first few slides before starting the game.

I have been using this typhoon game all year long at junior high schools, and played it with my some of my 6nensei students last week now that we are finished with textbooks. I made this to help them review the sentences from this year, and see if they could remember some English from previous years too!

It went over very well! The elementary school students enjoyed it, and I wish I could do more T1 work with them.

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    Submitted by Reiji March 20, 2023 Estimated time: 40 - 50 mins
    Inspired by Super Mario Typhoon

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