Junior High School 一年生から三年生まで Lesson 1 Review Game

If you aren't aware of the site, it's amazing! I made a lesson one review for each level of Junior High School following the New Horizon textbooks!

Using the Harry Potter Game template from, I made a Lesson one review game for 一年生、二年生、and 三年生! Filling in the templates can take quite a bit of time, so I figured I would share some completed and ready to play games for the first month of school with everyone!

This game should be played in groups. Each team gets a whiteboard, marker, and eraser.

Again, the template and game mechanics were done completely by I only added questions, gif animations on each slide, and one game mechanic where the fastest team to answer wins when Voldemort's face appears.

My kids are a bit lower level than other Junior High Schools, so I also rewrote the beginning letter and instructions to make them easier to understand.

I hope my questions, answers, new game mechanic, and funny gifs can help!

If you want more amazing PowerPoint games like this, be sure to go to and buy Tayler a coffee for all of their hard work! I don't know what'd I'd do without all of the fun, interactive, and amazing games on Tayler's website! <3 :D

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Harry Potter and the Game of Knowledge 一年生 Lesson 1.pptx (89.1 MB)
  • Harry Potter and the Game of Knowledge Lesson 1 二年生.pptx (93.5 MB)
  • Harry Potter and the Game of Knowledge 三年生 Lesson 1.pptx (113 MB)
  • Harry Potter and the Game of Knowledge 一年生 Lesson 1 UPDATED.pptx (89.1 MB)
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    Submitted by Domdijock April 5, 2023 Estimated time: 30-50 minutes
    1. genieg April 6, 2023

      Thanks for your hard work! It's something to look forward to play with the students.

    2. Domdijock April 7, 2023

      Of course! I hope you enjoy using it! :D

    3. joyceisachoice April 14, 2023

      I just found out about Tay's teaching toolkit recently from another ALT. AND have been thinking about how to review last year's content for the new year. THANK YOU for doing this already!!!!

    4. Domdijock April 14, 2023

      @joyceisachoice Of course! Glad I could help! :D My ones from last year are meh with not enough fun animations so when I redo them this year I'll continue to post!

    5. OZJchild April 17, 2023


    6. Beestonian April 17, 2023

      The gifs on every question slide are a bit distracting and incongruent with the core theme I must say. And putting voldemort's face over the questions that I want to read to check if they match the grammar points I'm teaching is annoying since I just want to delete it or move it out of the way.

    7. hunter_strickland April 17, 2023

      This looks great! Thanks for your hard work. I am curious, how have you been deciding who get to play the bonus round? Is that also decided by the fastest to answer? I'm thinking of going round robin allowing a team to answer and play the bound round so that lower level students will stay engaged.

    8. Domdijock April 18, 2023

      @Beestonian You can delete the gifs and Voldemort if you don't like them! My kids however really enjoy the gifs! And You can easily just shrink the picture of Voldemort down, change the sentence, and then make the picture bigger again! That's what I do!

    9. Domdijock April 18, 2023

      @hunter_strickland What I normally do is the team that chose the letter gets to play the bonus round! In my classes, I have one group choose the questions but then everyone has to answer for a chance for five points! (That way teams aren't just sitting bored while they wait). And then the team who chose the letter gets an extra chance for some bonus points! I normally let my kids try for the bonus points even if they don't get the question right.

    10. Domdijock April 18, 2023

      @hunter_strickland If you want to make things more challenging, you could also make a rule saying that the team who chose the letter can't try for bonus points unless they get the question right. You could even give other teams a chance to steal the bonus chance point too if you want to make things even more exciting! It's up to you! :D

    11. tommie May 29, 2023

      All of these files are now too large for the website and it would be helpful if you could compress them so that a majority of the users could still download them. Check here for how to do so.

    12. Domdijock June 15, 2023

      @tommie Thank you for the resource! Unfortunately, even after doing that, my file is still too big to use an online compressor without having to pay for an account.

      I'm sorry! If you really want this and other files that are too big for the site, then I would switch to a subscriber account!

      I'll try to compress other files when I can though because I like free stuff as well lol

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