Battleships "When you're ____, do you _____?"

Battleships game incorporating the "when you're" grammar pattern from Here We Go 2 Page 15 (Unit 1 Part 3)

I like to start off this activity off by performing a quick demonstration with my JTE on the TV, by showing two of the worksheets side by side on the screen. After janken, we just take a couple of turns asking a question and marking either hit or miss on our own sheet in the "opponent's ships" section.

You can get students to draw as many or as little ships as you want. I usually do 2 x submarines, 1 x cruiser, and 1 x destroyer. Getting them to fold the paper in half so it looks more like the proper board also works well.
The names of ships might be different in the real game but whatever.

Also, I have included the word document in case you want to make any changes.

Reversing the order of "when you're" and "do you" also makes sense, but not with the punctuation I included. If students say it the other way I don't mind.

Submitted by Sammy May 10, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
  1. hotokeki May 24, 2023

    So do they get 4 ships in total? And do the red boxes next to the ships- for example, the destroyer- take up 4 boxes? ("When I'm free/sad/ angry/ nervous, I hang out with friends" would be what they respond with?)

  2. Sammy July 11, 2023

    So yeah I kept it at four ships (which they draw themselves first, either horizontally or vertically) so the board wasn't too full. And yes, it corresponds to the size. But you are more than welcome to change sizes or number of ships. So a student asks their opponent "When you're _, do you _? " to check if there is a ship in the corresponding square. The response is always "Yes/Yes, I do" or "No/No, I don't" depending if that square contains a ship. Eventually they should be able to tell if there is too much/not enough space for a ship to fit, and how many more ships they need to find. Sorry if that doesn't explain it well. Each student is trying to find where their opponent's ships are located on the opponent's "my ships" board, and mark it on their own "opponent's ships" board, like normal battleships.

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