If I were a castaway - Second Conditional

Imagine what you music/book/luxury item you would bring as a castaway on a desert island. It's after British radio show called Desert Island Discs.

This lesson is originally for my adult English conversation class - they are advanced students!

I think you could do this at high school with a bit of substitute Japanese explanation form your JTE. Could be a good icebreaker. But I don't personally teach high school!

It's a PPT explaining the British radio show called Desert Island Discs.

Everyone will take turns choosing a piece of music, a book and a luxury item they would bring if they were a castaway. It's a speaking presentation activity and listening too, you can ask comprehension questions after each person has spoken.

The target English is "If I were a castaway, I would bring...".
Second conditional, same as "If I were a cat, I would sleep all day.".

PDF so you can preview it.

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    Submitted by nkeyalt May 12, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes

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