English Lyric Worksheets

Students listen to English songs and try to catch the missing words

I've seen other activities like this on here, but thought I'd upload my version since I've already made up all the worksheets. My JTE likes to play English songs before class, but most of the time the students just sit there and stare into space lol. So I whipped these up to keep them occupied while they listen! This activity is designed to last over multiple class periods.


  • Pass out the worksheet on the first class of the unit. The concept is pretty straightforward, students listen to the song and fill in the missing words from the word bank at the bottom of the page.

  • With my students, we change the song about once a month (one song per unit). So they have many chances to listen and write in some words each class period.

  • Students can turn in their worksheet at the end of the month. I check for mistakes and give them a sticker if it's perfect!


Here's a list of all the songs. I tried to target the unit grammar with some of them, but others are just for fun!
- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift (no target, could be good for gerunds though)
- All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey (no target)
- Stronger by Kelly Clarkson (comparatives)
- Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen (it's called~)
- Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez (present perfect)
- Dub-I-Dub by Me & My (no target, my JTE picked this one lol)
- Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams (present perfect)
- King of Anything by Sara Bareilles (no target)
- Dancing Queen by ABBA (no target)

  • If you're going to play the music videos as well, make sure you check that all the content is appropriate. Queen was a little spicy but my JTE was okay with it.

  • I've attached the worksheets in powerpoint form, so you can change the missing words based on your students' level. Happy listening!

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  • English Lyric Worksheets.pptx (4.08 MB)
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    Submitted by mssamansa June 1, 2023 Estimated time: 5 min, multiple classes

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