Survivor Game and Trudeau Quiz

Three activities to practice 'for' and 'since'

Trudeau Quiz is a two choice quiz game about Canada's current (not sure for how much longer) PM. Make groups and have the students guess which is the answer then one member comes up to a teacher to give the answer. once each group has answered do the answer check. It is useful for introducing the target language.

Survivor Game is a pattern practice game. It is played in pairs. It is very similar to Battleship. To demonstrate it is useful to either draw a large copy on the board or print out large copies. Students take turns making sentences using the key language on the grid. When one student makes a sentence both students cross out the intersecting square. This means on your turn you'd make a sentence with an intersectng square that doesn't have a circle. After a time limit or three minutes or so stop the game and see how many of your circles are not crossed out. The student with the most remaining circles is the winner. There are two grids so the game can be played twice.

Finally an individual writing activity. Students write three sentences about themselves then come to a teacher and read their sentences. The teacher asks a question or two then stamps their sheet and they can go back and write more. I usually give stickers if they complete 1 or 2 depending on the time.

The presentation includes demonstration screens for the other two activities.


Survivor Game (I have survived for three years).docx

Trudeau Quiz (He has been PM for).pptx

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Estimated time: Full lesson if its all used

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

April 05, 2019


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