Baseball (speaking/ question game)

Fun speaking activity my JTE taught me. I've done it in less than 10 minutes and for 20 minutes.

-at least 5 blue magnets (blue team), 5 red magnets (red team)
-10 chopsticks (write on the end: three 1st base chopsticks, two 2nd, one 3rd, three 'out', and one 'homerun'
-appropriate questions: Anywhere from 'Do you like blue', 'spell 'Thursday', and 'Have you read today's newspaper yet?'
-chalk to draw on the board.
-an eraser for students to grab

How to play:

draw a baseball diamond on the board: 'Let's play baseball!'

establish teams: red team and blue team. Establish order of each team. the first in the order from each team come to the front of the class.

'I have a question. If you know the answer, grab the eraser' model this.

Ask students to put hands on their head and ask the question. Then, whoever grabs the eraser can answer the question. If their answer is good, they can pick a chopstick without seeing what's written on the end. Then repeat until everyone's had a turn or two or three depending on how long you play.

They go crazy over 'out!' and 'homerun!!' really sell this like a real baseball game. Move the magnets for each team and when they move to the home plate they get a point.

The initial prep is a bit much but then I can whip it out for easy and fun speaking practice any time after.

(Let me know if this is unclear, I'm bad at instructions funnily enough.)

Submitted by martieeaster June 9, 2023 Estimated time: 10~20 minutes
  1. KobeALT June 13, 2023

    So, both teams are the "batting" teams at the same time?

  2. martieeaster June 15, 2023

    @KobeALT I guess it's like both teams are competing to become the batting team when trying to grab the eraser first, then the winner grabs a 'home run', 'first base', etc. The analogy is loose at best but it's still a fun way to get them talking and using grammar points :)

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