Sengoku Review

A year-end review strategy game played by the whole class. Teams roll a dice then ask and answer questions to invade other team's prefectures.

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April 9, 2019

Inspired: Battle for Japan

Estimated time: 50+ min

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Originally submitted by Richard Benoit on Mar 12, 2014.


  • SengokuReview01 (Power Point presentation For Columbus 21 first grade)
  • Color war fans and castles (optional not included)


  • Open up the power point and find all the rules and explanations. Review the button functions and when you are familiar with the presentation delete the info boxes and arrows before using it in class.
  • I made one war fan per team color. This way each student gets a chance to answer and choose a square. Whoever holds the "Daimyo's war fan" can answer or ask questions. Other team members can just whisper answers to them.
  • Cut out a color castle for each team and put it on the blackboard. This way other teams know which group is what color and know who they are attacking.
  • I let teams janken to see who can choose a color and map position first.
  • As it reads in the HOW TO PLAY section of the presentation. If a team wants to move to take over another space (must be touching a prefecture they currently own) they must answer an English question.
  • If the space is occupied by another team, they must do a dice battle. Highest number wins, but the defending team always gets a +1 bonus or a +3 bonus if there is a castle there. If the attacker rolls higher, defending team gets a chance to ask a question. If the attacker gets the question right, the square changes color and the defending team loses that square or prefecture.
  • At the end of the lesson, the team with the most prefectures under their control win the game.


  • If you have 2 classes worth of time you might want to play with money. Money or "points" accumulate after each round and all teams have played. I usually give them one point for each prefecture they are holding. This is documented on the blackboard under their respective castles.
  • With the money or "points" they can buy ninjas or extra samurai.
  • Ninja can attack ANY prefecture on the map, not just the next one over.
  • Samurai can offer another chance to roll or answer the question based on your preference.
  • The extra characters can be awarded and used by clicking the USE SAMURAI / NINJA scrolls on the top of the main map. They are sorted according to team colors.


  • After certain clicks, like starting, returning to the main map, or cycling through the prefecture colors please give it a little time. There is lots of data in this presentation, so it may be a little laggy at times.
  • About 20% of the questions are textbook specific. These can easily be edited and usually involve replacing the image of a textbook character's face.
  • The "bad" kids in my worst class stuck with it, and really enjoyed the dice battles, but probably didn't learn much.
  • If you want the game to span 2 periods, at the end of the first period just press the "PRTSC SYSRQ" or PRINT SCREEN button to take a snap shot of the games progress. Open up MSPAINT and EDIT>PASTE the screenshot in there and save it as something like SENGOKU (Class #) so you can check who owned what prefectures and pick up where you left off. Don't forget to keep a record of money / points if you are using them.


  • Some questions will have a bomb on the bottom left side of the screen, you can click this to activate a timer. Click it again to stop the bomb timer. Practice and make sure you can click it right. These bombs are usually only on the easy questions.
  • If you see (FREE) in the title of a question that means students should be prompted to give a free response based on their life.
  • Also there is a kind of bonus ninja animation event that I drew up. When a team wants to USE a ninja in any prefecture click this button. The attacking team can ask any other team a question from the textbook, that they prepared in advance.
  • After the attacker asks the question press the "Open the window" button. A ninja will drop on the window ledge and throw a ninja star. The ninja star represents the timer. There is a time limit for the defenders to answer. If time is up the ninja will win and the attackers get the square.
  • If the defenders answer the question press the DEFEND button then USE SWORD. In this case defence will retain their square and the ninja will bounce away.
  • The ninja will have to be reset at the beginning of each use. So when you want to use the ninja again click the USE NINJA button, then quickly click the OPEN THE WINDOW button to restart it. It is not 100% so please tinker with it, learn how to run it smoothly, or I recommend to just not use it in your presentation.

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