Small Talk

A dialogue modeled by the ALT and HRT or JTE and then mimicked by the students

Near the beginning of each lesson with my 6th grade students and after the 1st term 5th grade students as well started with 'small talk'.

The ALT and the HRT will have a short conversation and the students listen.

Then the HRT will check their understanding of the conversation in Japanese. Also ask them to translate a few sentences back into English.

Then in pairs the students will have a one or two minute conversation similiar to the one they heard.

A variation has the students shuffle seats and have the conversation more than once with other students.

If their is a odd number of students the ALT makes a pair with one student. If there is an even number both ALT and HRT can make pairs with students.

I've also started using this at the beginning of my junior high lessons. So far I've just been using my elementary school scripts but I'll start adding junior high scripts over time.

I've included a bunch of scripts that I give to the HRT before the lesson. We we often repeat the same dialogue or a very similiar one after a month or so.

It is a great way to review what they've studied since there are no tests in elementary school.

The codes on the scripts are for HF (hi friends) and WC (we can). The scripts are suitable after the class has studied that unit.

I'll add more junior high scripts as the year goes on.


0. Elementary School Small Talk Models.docx

HF1-3 Do you have a pen.docx

HF1-3 How many pens do you have.docx

HF1-3 How many pets do you have.docx

HF1-4 Do you like pizza.docx

HF1-4 Do you play soccer.docx

HF1-5 I like swimming.docx

HF1-5 Let's eat sushi.docx

HF1-5 What ice cream do you like.docx

HF1-5 What sweets do you like.docx

HF1-7 Another Quiz Game.docx

HF1-7 Lets play a quiz game.docx

HF1-7 Come here Come here.docx

HF1-7 I like pizza! It's delicious.docx

HF1-7 What food do you like.docx

HF1-7 What's this It's a kotatsu.docx

HF1-7 Wow! It's a nice red pen.docx

HF1-8 What subject do you like.docx

HF2-2 Birthdays and Cakes.docx

HF2-2 When is your birthday.docx

HF2-3 Another Quiz Game.docx

HF2-3 What can you cook.docx

HF2-3 What can you do.docx

HF2-6 Time and other questions.docx

WC1-4 What do you like and what time.docx

WC1-4 What time do you get up.docx

WC1-5 Wow he is cool.docx

WC1-5 Wow she is funny.docx

WC1-5 Wow who is she.docx

WC1-7 I'm lost.docx

WC1-7 Where is my pen.docx

WC2-5 I saw a movie last Sunday.docx

WC2-5 What did you do on Sunday.docx

WC2-5 What did you eat this morning.docx

JH 1-1. What sports do you like.docx

JH 1-2. I like pizza. It's delicious.docx

JH 1-3 What's this. Its a red pen..docx

JH 2-1. When is your birthday.docx

JH 2-2 What did you do on Sunday.docx

JH 2-3 What did you eat this morning.docx

JH 3-1 Lets play a quiz game.docx

JH 3-2. When is your birthday.docx

JH 3-3 What did you do on Sunday.docx

JH 1-4 Do you have a pen.docx

JH 1-5 Do you play soccer.docx

JH 1-6 Are you a sports fan.docx

JH 2-4 Come here. Who is she.docx

JH 2-5 Lets play a quiz game.docx

JH 2-6 Free Time.docx

JH 3-4 Come here. What's this.docx

JH 3-5 Which is better.docx

JH 3-6 Come here. Who is she.docx

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April 16, 2019


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